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Mobile and other applications

The following mobile applications have been built for various museums and departments around the University:

  1. Re-sound Bring the University of Oxford’s historic musical instruments to life.
  2. Susi (Sign up / Sign in) A simple way to generate lists of people by scanning their University cards.
  3. Pocker Curator: Museum of the History of Science Unlock the secrets of some of the fascinating scientific instruments on display in the Museum.
  4. Pitt Rivers Audio Trails Get more out of your visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum. 
  5. Sensing Evolution Discover some of the most important ideas in the theory of evolution in a treasure hunt-style trail around the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

If you have a project in mind and would like to talk with us about how to build it then please contact us via


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 8 February 2017