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Podcasting & Media Publishing

Educational Media Services (EMS), as part of IT Services, is responsible for Oxford podcasting and media publishing.  Educational Media Services regularly publishes podcasts to two (2) main channels:


2.  Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunesU -- see note below)

A podcast is a series of audio or video files, placed online with a public URL, which can be downloaded to digital media players. You can also subscribe to podcasts via an RSS publishing feed, which means that all new content is updated to your feed if you subscribe. 

At Oxford, podcasting offers a great opportunity to deliver course materials and lectures outside a conventional classroom environment. Students, or interested parties (depending on whether the material is publicly available) can access the material from outside the campus, view it at any time, and by downloading it to a portable media device (such as an iPhone or Android device) they can then view the material anywhere.

If you visit either or launch Apple Podcasts, you will be able to browse from a range of areas and topics, such as:

Keep in touch with our filming and podcasting news through our Twitter feed here:

A note about Apple Podcasts, formerly Oxford on iTunes U

Oxford on iTunesU is moving to join Apple Podcasts.
In September 2017, Apple relocated the iTunesU listings to fall within the general podcasts area of the iTunes software.  This means the area that is iTunes U specifically for Universities is no longer a separate tab in the iTunes software and thus easier for the general public and students to find within iTunes.
The Oxford iTunesU material is still arranged in the same way and all existing content can be found using the same links and searches. All the content is still grouped and available under an "Oxford University" section and all subscribers to series are still able to receive new material. 
This change allows the material to be more easily viewed in mobile platforms such as the iPhone and AppleTV. 
The current internal Oxford system we use to publish our material ("MediaPub") works in the same way and all links to material remain valid. 
With this change, users can access their series collections using the Apple Podcasts app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and using iTunes on a Mac and PC. The previous Oxford iTunes U Collections were automatically migrated and all links redirected into Apple Podcasts at the time of transition. While no action is required for the migration, it might be worthwhile contacting the service to review your current series and remove out-of-date content.
If you have iTunes on your computer already, click here to visit Oxford's site in iTunes.

Need Help Podcasting?

The following pages have been devised to help you publish your media files to both Apple Podcasts and to our website, These pages are outlined below and are also found in the right-hand sidebar:

  • Getting Started -- An overview of the podcasting process. The steps you must complete if you are keen on publishing your media files with us for podcasting.
  • MediaPub Publishing Portal -- A guide through the workflow involved in publishing your podcast. MediaPub is our publishing portal, and plays a key role in making your files available on Apple Podcasts and
  • MediaPub Writing & Discoverability Tips -- A guide to help you craft your soon-to-be published podcast on MediaPub in order that it might go viral and attract the attention of a global audience.  
  • Podcasting FAQ -- A page that can hopefully answer most of your questions regarding our podcasting and publishing service, or refer you to another page that will.
  • Podcasting Case Studies -- A page with descriptions and links to a few of our unusually active and/or successful podcasting series.
  • Recording Recommendations -- A few software and hardware recommendations for those who wish to record their own podcasts, instead of using the audio-video recording services also provided by Educational Media Services.

Don't forget that if you need help produding a professional-looking podcast (filming, recording, editing), Educational Media Services also specialises in professional audio-video production and editing. If you need help with a project, please get in touch. 



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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 29 November 2017