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QuickVideo is an all-in-one green screen video booth which allows non-technical users to easily create powerful instructional videos and automatically uploads to Panopto. 

Man in studio

The system uses green screen technology in a studio environment to superimpose presenters on top of their presentations, much like a weather forecaster. A user simply uploads their content onto the Panopto laptop and presses Record to begin.

QuickVideo can be used to create a variety of tailored content, including but not limited to:

  • Lecture series
  • Elective pitches
  • Training and induction videos
  • Student projects
  • Guest academics
  • Supplementary course content

Powered by the Panopto manual recorder, (see Recording for more info) QuickVideo utilises state-of-the-art video and audio recording technology. The manual recorder uploads videos to personal Panopto folders and allow users to edit finished recordings before publishing content via Weblearn or Canvas integration tools. Videos can also be downloaded independently, allowing distribution through other content networks, e.g. Youtube / Vimeo. This is a bookable service in our studio space at 13 Banbury Road.

Panopto interface


Further Information

QuickVideo is available to use by all staff within the University and is homed at IT Services, 13 Banbury Road. For more information, a demo, or to have a play, please contact

We also offer a termly hands-on training session on the QuickVideo system which is bookable via Training.

For those looking to build their own QuickVideo units, we have produced some documentation detailing specifications and asset lists for the Orginal QuickVideo, a conceptual Mini QuickVideo in a flight case, as well as a software-based QuickVideo using OBS instead of dedicated hardware. This document is still at the draft stage but can be downloaded from here: QuickVideo Specifications (.PDF | Updated 13 July 2020). Note for the Mini QuickVideo (page 16 onwards), the unit is conceptual and untested, and the camera is not included in the asset list (on the Original QuickVideo we use the Panasonic AW-HE40-H + Panasonic AW-RM50 handheld remote). For both the Original and Mini QuickVideo units, we have not included the greenscreen or LED lighting in the asset lists.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 July 2020