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Remote Learning

Minor disruptions to teaching and learning may be infrequent, but they are not uncommon. Sickness, severe weather, utilities outages, even unexpected maintenance to buildings can all cause staff and students to miss out on crucial hours in the traditional classroom. And while not ideal, these kinds of disruptions are usually brief, which means students can easily stay on track with only a few adjustments to the curriculum by teachers.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has an excellent page covering teaching remotely:

IT Services has a web page that considers all aspects of working remotely with University IT systems:

The following Panopto FAQs may help in situations where teaching is disrupted.

I have downloaded and opened Panopto for the first time and I cannot login. My SSO and email does not work. How do I log in?

It is not possible to log into Panopto on the software itself. Your SSO will not work here. You must always login to Panopto via the VLE (Canvas / Weblearn depending on your department). Please log into the VLE with your SSO, navigate into the Panopto website, and click Create - Record a New Session. This will open the Panopto software on your device and automatically log you in.

For users logging into the service for the first time, information on the login process is available here.

If I’m unable to deliver my normal teaching or students cannot attend my lecture, what could I do to support students learning?

It is possible to upload videos or screencasts to the lecture capture system and make them available to through the university VLE. If you wish to create new material it’s easy for a lecturer to create recordings or screencasts from the office or home by downloading the Panopto "manual recorder" software that allows you to create simple screencasts or videos. These could be a recording of a powerpoint with audio, a short video using the computer webcam or a recording of the computer screen plus audio. 

As a member of staff where can I get help with using and installing the Panopto manual recorder software ?

If you are installing it on your own personal computer for making mini-lectures or short screencasts then you need what is called the manual recorder software. This is a small client piece of Panopto software that works on either MacOS or PC. 

To download the Manual recorder we recommend logging into the University VLE ( Canvas/WebLearn ) and getting the software by clicking through the personal "profile account" area as this will correctly configure your manual recorder to link to your personal private folder area in Panopto. This process is fully outlined on this web page -

Can I use Panopto to have a two way conference call to students, similar to Skype / Zoom / Teams ?

It isn't possible to use Panopto to host a two-way conversation but you can use Panopto to webcast a presentation. Webcasting via Panopto is a one-way live stream of your lecture. A screencast on how to do this using the Manual recorder is available here.

How can I use Panopto in my Canvas course ?

A Panopto folder of recordings can be added to a course as a tool or individual recordings can be inserted into Canvas Course pages rather like YouTube videos. See Using Panopto with the Canvas VLE 

Who should I contact for support ?

The help website for the Replay lecture capture service is

The support email address is

These pages provide useful information on getting started -

Useful Short Summary 2 page Beginner PDF documents for manual recording and locating recordings - 

Who do I need to contact in my department for local support ?

We recommend you contact your teaching officer or have a look at our list of departmental contacts here

Service area: 

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 9 April 2020