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Backup, Storage & Sharing

There are various options available to you to backup, share and access your content both in and out of the University.

Backup Service

The HFS is an Oxford University centrally funded service providing data backup services to senior members, postgraduates and staff running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. It backs up millions of files securely on a daily basis, protecting the University from data loss.

Archive Service

The HFS Team also offer a data archive service for static data that is considered to be of long-term value to Oxford University.

WebLearn:Virtual Learning Environment

WebLearn is a web-based (VLE), which can be used to both support and enhance teaching and learning. It provides tools to enable University members with very little web experience to set up a structured web site and provide an excellent resource for their students. The 'Resources' tool in 'My Home' provides a personal area for storing your files. These files are either private to you (default) or they can be made totally public – you may like to use Resources as an on-line file-store or personal cloud. For more information please see WebLearn.

SharePoint Service

This is the Universities collaboration platform enabling you to share, store and work on your own documents either in your own Oxford hosted SharePoint 'OneDrive' workspace or within purpose-built, shared websites on the platform. All data is regularly backed-up to the HFS for safe keeping automatically. The SharePoint service is open to all. For help information see Collaboration Support.

Data Centre

Oxford University's data centres provide a secure facility for housing vital IT services across the University.

The University Shared Data Centre (SDC) is a modern, robust dedicated space for locating IT equipment run by IT Services on behalf of the entire University. These facilities are available to departments, faculties and colleges and allow them to physically locate computing equipment in a highly secure and controlled environment. See: Data centre for full information.

CONNECT desktop

Staff in UAS use the CONNECT desktop service as their work station which stores data centrally. This allows you to roam from machine to machine and still access your stored files. All data on the central servers are backed up to the HFS. For help information please see Desktop Services.


OxFile is a web service that supports the exchange of large files with people inside and outside of Oxford University. It is simple and fast to use, and any member of the University can setup a file exchange for immediate use. See OxFile pages for more information.

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