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Desktop Services

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Some divisions, departments and colleges provide IT services & support within their units. This Local IT Support Staff contact list will help you reach them with any questions or issues you have.

Desktop Services

IT Services has a range of Desktop Services the primary ones of which are CONNECT and Orchard. CONNECT forms part of the Managed Desktop Service used by staff in UAS and the Bodleian Libraries. User-facing services it provides include (but are not limited to) workstation authentication, network drive access and printing.

Orchard has been designed to provide a highly integrated, reliable and resilient desktop environment to support research and administrative tasks in colleges and departments. For managed macOS devices Orchard provides workstation authentication, printer configuration, access to a range of software, laptop encryption and more. For iOS Orchard includes automatic configuration with email/calendar/VPN settings etc., and restrictions or volume application/eBook distribution.

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