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Specific Guidelines for Virtual hosts

These instructions give guidance on the differences between the hosting of a virtual host to that of a normal user.

1. Server Log files

Virtual hosts have access to both the access logs and error logs for their server. These are accessible on in the directory: /web/users/$USER/logs/. These logs can only be accessed by the username associated with the virtual host and are read-only. Both current (files with no numeric suffix) and archived logs are available from the above directory. Log files are rotated weekly with two cycles kept, the oldest being compressed. Details of how to download log files are available.

The analog web server log analysis tool is installed on and can be used to analyse your web logs.

2. Safeperl

A virtual host can use safeperl cgi scripts on their account. There is a difference in how these scripts are accessed compared to Safeperl CGI scripts associated with a virtual host, should be accessed by the URL http://virtualhostname/cgi-bin/safeperl/username/scriptname instead of used for standard web accounts.

There are a small number of example safeperl scripts in the Safe Perl Scripts zip file.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 7 December 2017