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Publishing to the Web

Secure File Transfer Client Guides

Transferring files to web space has traditionally been done by FileTransfer Protocol (FTP) clients. However, this method exposes your password on the network. From Tuesday 19th June 2012, plaintext FTP access to IT Services-hosted web sites will not be available.

IT Services recommends that users of should change to using SSH-based client programs. If you access other IT Services web servers we recommend using SSH Client programs for these too. Currently the way to connect securely to your web space is via the GNU/Linux Service.

Please see the Secure File Transfer Guides (SFTP) below for full details on how to use SFTP to transfer your files to your web space using your preferred client.

In brief: In order to access your web space you will need to:

  1. Activate your Linux Account (part of your SSO Oxford Account) by visiting and choose Activate Shell Account
  2. Activate your Web Space by visiting and choose Activate Web Space. You should be able to see your web space within 15 minutes of its activation.
  3. Open your preferred SFTP program (see below for suggestions)
  4. Fill in your connection details as follows:
    1. Host Name:
    2. Port: 22
    3. Username: Your Oxford Account Username e.g.oucs1234
    4. Password: Your Oxford Account password
    5. If you are activating a brand new account links to your web folders will be created automatically.
    6. If you are activating an old account, then you must use the makeweblinks command before you can see the folders (SSH to, then at the $ prompt sign type makeweblinks and press <Enter>).
    7. After links have been created navigate to your web space folder (public_html). You can now then transfer files to and from your web site account.

Only when you have activated both accounts is your web space is fully accessible to you.

Windows Secure FTP Client Program Guides

Mac OSX Secure Clients

Mac OSX users have a choice of using the built-in Unix commands. For more information type man sftp from the Terminal screen. For more user-friendly interfaces we have several guides available:

Mac OSX SFTP Client Guides

  • Fugu: Free & open source software.
  • CyberDuck: Free & open source software.

There are other Mac clients available such as:

  • Transmit: Commercial software.
  • Interarchy: Commercial software. This is more of a webmaster tool than a quick end-user client.

Linux, Mac OSX and Windows users can also all use FileZilla ( as an alternative to the above clients.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 4 December 2017