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Advice and Services

The following list suggests services that are likely to be helpful for the scenario described. It is recommended that you consult your local IT officer to see what assistance is available to you locally and ensure that any services that IT Services may provide are appropriate within the context of your local IT environment. For a list of services, please see our web-related services page.

I have a departmental website that needs a refresh…
Oxford Mosaic is a centrally maintained and supported web platform, if you’re considering a website refresh, we recommend you consider using Oxford Mosaic.
I want to use the Web to tell people about what I'm doing (research, project, special activity, ...)
The most obvious way to promote your work is to have a website and tell people about it.  Oxford Mosaic is a cost-effective and sustainable web publishing solution available to all University members.
I am a tutor and want to publish some course material for my students to see
WebLearn is an IT Services service aimed at supporting teaching and learning in this way.
I want to set up a website for my University club/society
 Oxford Mosaic is available to Student clubs and Societies.
I am a member of the University and would like a personal website
IT Services offers a web publishing service which offers basic web publishing facilities to University members for free.
I want to publish some audio/video material for widespread viewing
The IT Services Podcasting service enables members of the University to make their audio and video content available to the world. The podcasting team has produced a guide on How to podcast a Oxford.
I want to use the Web for collaboration with others
WebLearn provides facilities for collaborative working on teaching-related activities. Nexus SharePoint will soon be making Microsoft SharePoint available to the University, which will also provide facilities to support collaborative working.You may also find tools such as blogs and wikis useful for collaborative working.
I've got a database (or other source of information) that I want to 'put online'
If you have a specific dataset or web application which you need to put online, IT Services provides bespoke web hosting.
I've been landed with the task of running a website, but I'm no web guru: help!
Oxford Mosaic provides an easy-to-use interface for publishing attractive, responsive websites.
I want to let other people maintain parts of a website that I have overall responsibility for
Oxford Mosaic allows site owners to delegate editing and authoring to both Oxford and non-Oxford users.
I want to control who can access some or all of my website
Oxford Mosaic set access permissions to Oxford Only on a page by page basis.
I am a web developer and want a hosted web facility that I can develop myself
IT Services provides bespoke hosting for those who wish to maintain their own systems without managing their own servers. Hosting is currently available on either Linux (Apache based) or Windows. 
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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 30 November 2017